Frequently Asked questions (FAQ)

No, they are not for 2 main reasons.

  1. In order to be flushable wipes have to be so very thin, and you can poke your finger right through those. They don’t clean at all, and I made my wipes very strong, yet soft and actually get the job done.
  2. All wipes flushed eventually end up in or Ocean or clog up pipes/ toilets. Don’t dick up our Ocean or someone’s toilet.

They are full size packs, however I made them a 15 count so they’re small enough to fit into a purse.

Absolutely! I made them super strong, for even the smelliest of guys!

Well for one, you are not a baby. Baby wipes leave a slimly slick residue on your skin. They are super thin, and you would have to use a handful of baby wipes to get even remotely clean.

My wipes are superior in many ways because:

  • My wipes are larger than that size of your hand, very thick, yet soft.
  • They don’t smell like chemicals of some flower bullshit. They have a very clean fresh scent, not overpowering in the least.
  • There are more parts per water in mine, so they are more wet than a typical wipe.
  • Mine clean, really clean.

No, Feminine products are not returnable. All sales are final.

All major credit cards and PayPal.

Yes, there are around 100 stores in the US that carry our wipes. We are working on a store locator, coming soon.

The ingredients are:
Aqua water, propylene Glycol, Phenoxyet Hanol, Polyoxyethylene 20, Sorbitan Monolaurate, Cucumber extract, Benzalkonium Chloride, sodium Citrate, Disodium Edetate Dihydrate, Bisabolol, aloe and fragrance.

They are safe to use from head to toe.